Battling a mental illness

On the 1st of February I got a DM on Twitter by a guy saying he was battling mental illness and his goal was to help others that go through the same thing.

I suggested that he takes part in our community and feature his story here and he did.

I must admit that I didn’t expect to be so shocked with what I read…This is his story:

4 years ago, I nearly did something stupid. I nearly committed suicide as I felt it was time for me. Luckily my mum stopped me from doing the scariest thing ever. If it wasn't for my mum I wouldn't be here today, and I'll always thank her for that. What I'm trying to say is mental health affects you no matter what time of the year it is, so it shouldn't just be noticed a week during the year it should always be noticed. If anyone is going through what I went through or even anything else, I know it's the hardest thing ever but it does work so please talk to someone. I'm always here, and I'm sure plenty of other people are too. Just talk! The reason I did this was to raise awareness and to help others to come out their shell and say that they are facing it too. I'm proud of myself for doing this, and I will keep updating my feelings and thoughts as this is so important to me. I hope you can too
Mental Health Blogger

My thoughts on mental illness

I can’t speak in terms of a scientific approach, I am completely lost everytime I read a specific term concerning mental illness on a blog post but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe it exists.

I may not understand specific aspects of it but I do understand one thing: human feelings. What Ross went through 4 years ago might be the case for someone else this very moment!

So if there’s any chance of someone near you going through a hard time and the thought of you talking to him or her about it crosses your mind, don’t brush it off!

Worst case scenario you fail to initiate a meaningful conversation – best case scenario you may save someone’s life! 

I’ve seen people being bullied in front of my eyes every day when I was still in school and I’ve always wanted to talk to them about it but I never had the courage to do so. I thought that they might become uncomfortable and close up even more, so I did the only thing that made sense to me. I tried to be a friendly presence in their life, a daily bit of carefree chat. I like to think that this alone helped them a little. 

Ross is a mental health blogger and his blog is his personal journal where he shares his feelings in hope of helping others.

Take a look at his blog here or read one of my favorite entries listed below

your story may inspire
choose to be happy


If it’s your first time reading my blog, I’d like to mention that this category is my most special one because I want to promote honest and healthy communication and my goal for Myselfwise is to be a perfect mix of your personalities and unique traits. 

Learn why you should make contact now and get your personal story featured here. It may be a good thing for you

Please comment and share to support Ross! Don’t forget that I am looking forward to read your own stories!XOXO

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Richard Oxford

Great post, thank you

Citrus and Cinnamon

This is a wonderful blog post, thanks so much for sharing it!

Lisa Wingerter

So Important to share these stories and take the stigma away from mental illness. Thank you so much for sharing!


Thanks for sharing this insightful post with experience. There are thousand of people out there with this experience. Some survived and others have lost their lives.


Very inspiring post. Mental illness is not talked about enough


Thank you!


Thank you for sharing Ross’ brave & inspirational story. It’s so important to talk openly about mental health. I’m sure this post will help others who are experiencing similar feelings. You are so sweet & supportive 😘 xx

Bexa |

Carmen @ Oh My Mermaid

I am planning to talk about my own mental health journey on my blog but have just started and have focused on my main content pillars so far. None the less the whole blog is really a project in forming a career that is compatible with my needs and allows me to control my mental health around my work rather than always pushing it aside to be at a 9-5!
thanks for writing !

Sarah Elle

Really important message to get out there, well done on raising awareness xx


Great post!

Thank you so much Ross for sharing your story, and thank you Maria for having a platform for others to share their stories and help others! Mental health is extremely important, and it can be scary to talk to someone about it. If you’re afraid to tell friends or family, there are so many apps or hotlines to talk to someone, for free, about what you’re going through. As you stated as well, Maria, that if someone sees someone struggling, lend a hand and show them you’re there for them. We shouldn’t struggle alone, and honestly, as someone that struggles… Read more »
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