Being bold with your relationships

Being Bold with your relationships

When was the last time you did something so bold that you secretly scolded youself later for being that impulsive? Did it hurt or did it end up in disappointment for the rest of your years? I bet not.

For me, my early teenage years , I’m talking thirteen to sixteen years old, have been no doubt full of bold moves and decisions. Although, I was starting with the shy personality of an introvert, I quickly picked up on something that could help me start to fit in with the rest of my peers.

If you read my bad friendships break ups story , I mentioned I grew up with a very confident friend. This wasn’t always a good thing for me. As we used to go on afternoon summer walks by the beach, we met with other teenagers, mostly boys, that were quick to start talking to her, making jokes and I was always the odd one out.

It really wasn’t about getting a boyfriend or anything like that, but I was frustrated about being kind of invisible to them, a girl with no name. I felt like a nobody.

So I did what every other teenager does at that point. I started imitating my girlfriend’s attitude in order to gain popularity. Pure, simple, utter vanity kicked in!

For every bad thing comes with an equal good thing just to preserve the balance, as I believe, I started being more and more bold in my moves, my reactions but it wasn’t a plain copy of my friend’s personality, it was me.

I was finding that by being more bold and spontaneous, I developed a better version of myself and I was able to form my own relationships.

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What bold meant to me

Not only I wasn’t depending on my friend anymore, but I was also setting the terms of my ideal relationships.

My definition of being bold meant that I was always the one to smile first, I had a ready to go response to a plain hello and I was focused on making the most interesting questions for the other party so that I could keep engaging with them. At the end of the night, I had probably stirred the conversation towards the way I wanted more times than I could count and people were content because I gave them a lot of opportunities to keep talking about their hobbies and their most favorite things.

My boldest moment

At the age of sixteen, I met a guy at a summer party that I was instantly attracted to and I made my move! Yes, I was the one to approach him and start flirting first in a way that I practically asked him out a few hours later!

Right now you might be thinking “Oh no! No way!”

But it worked! Not only that bold move ended up being my most favorite moment of that summer, but I had taken my shot at it and ended up starting a great relationship that lasted all through my teenage years up to my college years. 

Conclusion and some food for thought

This single memory is the one and only reason that I regret getting older. 

As you get older you become less and less bold, more and more reserved and fearful!

And more often than not, losing your boldness can cause you to miss important relationships, opportunities and experiences!

If only being bolder was as easy to me now as it was back then! I know that my relationships would be a whole lot more fascinating! But I refuse to give up! I am being bold when expressing myself as often as I can even if it means that I’m making a fool out of myself for a moment! It’s all part of me! The exciting, the boring, the smart and the silly!

I’m going to keep looking for the next long shot!

What was your boldest moment so far? Comment below and let me know! You might even inspire me for my next attempt!

Love you all,

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Kylie Tyler

Wow! I absolutely loved this! This testimony to boldness and maintaining fearlessness in life as you grow up is such a good one to think back on. I love the imagery/story you provided! I’m constantly thinking of ways to be bold and I just LOVE how you didn’t put too much pressure on the ways in which to be bold. A smile is a great place to start and i truly don’t think i’ve thought about it so simplistically before! (start small and build from there) – just wonderful!

Rawlings sunday

You are right, there was time in my teenage life, i felt bold enough to dare or try anything but now. Am a little on my low key trying to know the reason behind it.

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