About Us

First of all, Welcome to Myselfwise!

If you want to learn more about what we are about, you are in the right place.

Our story

My name is Maria, I am a full-time software consultant and the sole creator of Myselfwise.

My educational background is in computer engineering but I have no prior experience on website design or blogging whatsoever, so if you notice something terribly wrong please let me know so that I can improve.

Athough I’ve always wanted to try blogging, I was very hesitant and I used to make up endless excusses for putting it off. As I did with most of the other things I wanted, to be brutally honest!

The truth is that being a 22 year old girl and having to adjust to living in an economically crushed society wasn’t an easy ride for me.

I am sure some of you can relate.

Struggling to land a job opportunity, dealing with a personal medical issue, supporting my mother fighting cancer for the second time, gaining excess weight were wrecking havoc on my outlook on life. I was lucky to avoid depression.

I wish I had done something about it sooner but as most of us tend to do, I left negative emotions pile up inside for a long time. It wasn’t until I started really observing other people and their struggles that I got so frustrated that I took action, egoistically or not starting with myself.

Now, at 27 I have changed my perpective and my life.

No, I haven’t figured anything out – I have only changed the way I think about life. Especially on the things I found are the most valuable and have the largest impact on my daily life: Relationships, my self-confidence, having fun and communicating on a deeper level with others.

The starting point

The reason I started this blog is not to make myself look like a relationship expert and convince you that I have everything figured out. Cause I don’t. I want people to realise that they need to communicate better and share their problems and feelings with others if they want to gain confidence and transform into proud and admirable individuals.

I want Myselfwise to be a communication platform for all of you to share experiences and  thoughts on handling everyday situations and complicated relationships.(disclaimer: everyone here is entitled to their own opinion, myself included, and though I am not a professional I may express mine fiercely sometimes and you may too!)

I sincerely hope that you join me in this journey as I am sure that you will find the best version of yourself in the process.

So stick around if you really want to improve your outlook on life, get a fresh perspective and 

speak that pretty mind of yours!

What to expect

Expect to be challenged,

Expect to be told the most brutal of truths,

Expect to be shook to the core,

Expect to believe in yourself again,

Expect to transform one step at a time into the best version of you!

Expect to carry that confidence on to the rest of your life!

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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