Drifting apart from your best friend

Most of us have had a terrible friendship-break-up , as I call them, at least once and we were left broken & scarred from the whole experience.

I am here to tell you the chronicles of my friendship-break-ups, as I recall them and hope and prey that I finally get some emotional closure!

The childhood trio

Growing up, I had a set of two amazing girls as my best friends, our houses were minutes apart and we were inseparable!

What happenned was that I had to move to another neighbourhood with my parents in the middle of middle-school because my parent’s had been building a new house and it was time to move in.

Needless to say, I was crushed.

No more daily, after school hang outs, no more late night sleepovers and no more gaming dates.

Neither of the three of us was particularly thrilled about it and when we split they went ahead and found new friends, which I totally cannot blame them for.They stopped going out together too, as I learned later on from one of them.

The first one, I kept seeing sometimes over the years and we still have a special connection, which I honestly feel blessed about. We can go ages without meeting and yet when we do, it’s like we can keep a pretty decent conversation and still manage to have a great time catching up!

What really bugged me though was the situation with that second girl. Well things really started going downhill when I decided to switch schools again and attend the same highschool as her and most of my other old classmates.

She wouldn’t bother to come say hi to me or even respond to my ‘good morning’ attempts. One day I got really pissed that she ignored me and didn’t even have the decency to respond to me talking to her, so I resorted to my oh-so-natural approach : I walked away and never tried to speak to her again.

Fast forward several years, I have no regrets but I’m still very curious about her reasons to cut me off.

The difference is that I no longer care if I ever find out or not.

The teenage letdown

I was fortunate enough as a kid to have a summer house and spend my summer breaks with my beloved grandma and my doggy there.

I absolutely loved staying there, we were very close to the beach and I made many friends, so I was out and about all the time!

I became extremely close to this one girl that lived two houses away from mine and I admit that I was captivated by her outgoing and hilarious personality. At the time I was the total opposite of a confident teenager and I had a lot of self-image issues.She made me feel accepted and she was my free pass to getting through puberty by hanging out with the “cool” kids.

So how did we drift apart? We didn’t usually keep contact during the winter and it never occurred to me that this might be a bad sign for our friendship. We always reconnected on summer-break.

Until one particular summer that she didn’t show up. I had no way to contact her other than her home number so I called. Her mother answered and told me that she was out so I left a message for her to call me back.

Which she didn’t. We bumped on each other the following summer and I gave her my number as she promised to not be a stranger with a straight smile on her face.

Guess what? She still didn’t call or make the least effort to connect. Two or three years after she even had the nerve to mention that she had lost my phone-number! What a pathetic excuse! I was out!

So I decided enough was enough, I was no longer a shy little girl and I had no need to seek for her approval. The way it played out was that I stopped acknowleging her existance even if she was standing at a talking distance and she got the memo. At this point, I think that she has realized her mistake as she approached me and talked to me first one time and I have had no hard feelings since then. 

I guess that was some kind of emotional closure for me. Click To Tweet

friendship break ups

The ultimate betrayal

This is the last of my bad friendship-break-ups and the most recent.

I was in college and I had a pretty closed circle of friends that consisted of my still best friend and another girl. This other girl is the focal point of this last story.

We would go clubbing together , shopping, summer vacations on several beautiful Greek islands and everything in between. I never thought that I had reason not to trust her.

She knew my boyfriend at the time, my now ex-boyfriend, with whom I had been together for about 4,5 years.

This is where the oldest story in the book comes in.

We had already drifted apart, my ex-boyfriend and I had already separated and I was happy with my current boyfriend, when I spotted them at a restaurant together.

Lucky for her, I had no longer an interest in him whatsoever but I still got a kind of extreme satisfaction when they both realized how low they had sold their dignity. Oh, I still remember their faces!

Ok, for some of you considering this the ultimate betrayal is a bit overkill, but nevertheless it’s a good reason to drift apart with a best friend.

If you made it this far, I hope you liked my story and please consider sharing yours.


friendship break ups
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